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Gas Safety Tips

  • In the wrong hands, LPG gas can be dangerous.
  • Always make sure that your gas fitter is licenced and registered with the QBCC.
  • Never try to repair a gas appliance or interfere with a gas system, it’s illegal and dangerous.
  • Before buying a new gas appliance, call Ignited first, so that we can inspect your gas system, to make sure it is up to code, as quite often range hoods are installed to low, cylinders can be in a non-compliant location and pipework can be undersized.
  • If you suspect you have a gas leak, turn the gas supply off and call Ignited on 0437 775 250. All leaks need to be investigated and repaired immediately.
  • After you have a gas system, appliance or pipework installed, please make sure your gas fitter supplies you with a Gas System Compliance Certificate and Data plate.
  • If your gas system or appliances are installed by an unlicensed person, you place your family and home at risk.


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